Meet the Simons Dance Family from Bedford, MA

Looking for a dance studio in the Bedford, MA area? Be sure to check beyond its borders. The Simons Family continues to travel between Bedford, MA and Hudson, NH for dance classes.

Meet the Simons Family from Bedford, MA! (Bill, Cheryl, Taylor, Cameron, Max-the cat, and Stanley-the dog)

Our daughter Taylor (10) started at Melissa Hoffman in 2004 when she was 3 years old and immediately loved it. At the time, her class was on Saturdays so driving up to Hudson, NH for dance classes instead, of local Bedford, MA dance studio, was no problem.

You might ask, “Why travel so far for dance classes?” There are a couple of reasons; one being that her cousins and best friends, Erika and Livi also dance at MHDC and live in Hudson. Another is the quality of instruction that MHDC offers. Of course there are many dance studios closer to home, but after looking into a few of them, they just didn’t compare.

When not dancing, Taylor loves hanging out with her friends and cousins, creating “fairy houses” in the yard, and reading. She has been known to finish lengthy chapter books in a matter of days!

Taylor has a younger brother, Cameron (7) who has spent many a night in the MHDC lobby, much to his chagrin. He is currently working toward his orange belt and learning to use nunchucks in karate. At home he can often be found in the middle of his mountain of Legos or playing outside.

During the week, Bill gets the kids ready for school and then goes to work as a Geologist. At night and on the weekends he turns into a hockey player/internet surfer/handyman/landscaper. It seems there is always a home improvement project in the works at our house.

I work as the Office Manager of a daycare center four days a week. The rest of my time is spent picking up and driving the kids around, exercising, digital scrapbooking, reading or working on Sudoku puzzles.

Together, the four of us love movie nights, day trips to the beach or places we’ve never been, and spending time with extended family.