Hip Hop

What once began as a couple offerings a week has grown into a mutli-level program with evolving dynamics, direction, and style! Hip Hop at MHDC has become one of the favorite classes and always fills the quickest!

The following levels are offered at MHDC:

  • Hippety Hop (4 – 5) – NEW for the 2014 – 2015 season (age appropriate introduction to hip hop)
  • Intro to Hip Hop (6+)
  • Hip Hop (8-10)
  • Hip Hop (10-12)
  • Hip Hop 11+
  • Hip Hop 13+
  • Intermediate Advanced Hip Hop
  • Advanced Hip Hop

In the first introductory levels, the staple steps of hip hop are explored. A foundation is set as well as introducing dancers to a funkier side of dance. A challenge for many students is breaking out of their comfort zone, and is overcome through a self-expressive dance circle at the end of the class. As the levels progress, different movements and styles are explored as their age and ability increases. In the higher levels, there is less focus on the staple steps and more of an exploration of various styles through a foundation of strong technique and musicality. Age appropriate music is always selected for each level, keeping each class a fun and exciting environment for all!